A few weeks ago, on July 14th, Dobbs & Bishop had its second wine & cheese tasting class. The focus for the class was all about Spanish wine & cheeses but we explored outside of the classics.

The evening started with an introduction by our store manager, Brenda, along with Kevin McNeil, Ruth Walter and Killian. This was followed by lessons and tasting of the wine and cheeses by Kevin. We paired four different spanish cheeses with different spanish wines. Roncal, a sheep milk cheese, was paired with Ulacia - 2015 Rose of Getariako Txakolina. Garrotz
a, a goat milk cheese, was paired with Venus La Universal - 2014 Monsant Blanco 'Dido'. Mahon, a cow milk cheese, was paired with Desecendientes A Palacios - 2014 Bierzo D.O. 'Petalos'. Finally, Valden, a blue cheese, was paired with Alvear - NV Pedro Ximenez 'Solera 1927'. 

Another successful night filled with some spanish learning, lots of laughs, and some great cheese! Before everyone left, our store manager, Brenda, who graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, yet again made an awesome dessert. She made mini Spanish Churros with Dark Chocolate sauce! Yum!

Thanks again for everyone who came! We are continuing our tasting adventures in August for our Italian themed Wine & Cheese! More information will be updated to our website!